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Remove-A-Tree, Plant-A- Tree!

2018 Goal: In efforts to make sure were doing our part to sustain the environment, for every tree we cut down, we would love to plant a new tree. There are many different species that will fit best in your landscape considering heights, blooms, bark textures, and its overall benefits that will best fit, and provide for your landscape.

Trees can be a whole eco system and this is why it is important to keep this concept!

Consultations: A proper inspection of your trees on a yearly basis is highly recommended and could save you the headaches of damages to your property or to your home! It is easy for some of the bigger species ( ex. Red Oak) to weigh up to 100 thousand pounds!

Pruning: is an important and skilled technique to allow proper growth, and help the tree live a longer and healthier life. Many pruning cuts may be made to reduce the risk or possibility of a tree branch to fail, or cause damage to property.

Tree Removals: Sometimes trees can be a hazard or just need to be cut down due to building plans, yard needs/wants, to gain yard space.

Some trees will need a crane to provide a proper safe and efficient way of removing certain trees. Here at Cels Tree Care, its our desire to do the best job we can in order to leave your yard, house, and property in the same, if not better shape then when we leave.


Sometimes yards and beds can be a little out dated or just in need of renovations. From plant installs, maintenance, mulching, Hardscape walkways/ Patios (Lighting fixtures available), Demolition of concrete walks/ patios, Shed removals and much more.

Snow work:


It is our pleasure to provide dependable snow removal. It is important to have your property staked each winter and may any concerns or possible hazards listed before the winter season starts! Some storms can be very dangerous and we Urge customers to prepare for these storms and do not try to access roads in less its an EMERGENCY!